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"Trail Ride Photo's"

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We have done alot of riding in the past years. I don't know why we call it "Trail Riding" when 95% of the time we have no trail. Some places we have been we were not sure we would get out of but we did. And in doing this we will have a few photo's to share with you. If you have any photo's you'd like to get posted please send them and they will be posted. Enjoy!!!

Riding Calendar

It looks cold...and it WAS. We were elk hunting up above Strawberry in 2000. The first days when we were scouting was beautiful weather. Opening day when we awoke.....nothing but snow. There had to be a foot of snow just on top of the horses. Either way we hunted it...and froze!!!
Les & Arrow. Both green. This was their first trail ride for both of them. They both did absolutely excellent too. Especially when there was no trail...!
Even the lil ones like to go. Once I got her on.....she stayed on the rest of the day. Even when the horse was tied, she was still on.
He may only be nine but he can outride most grown men!!   

Cuz                                                 We like                                           To get wet

Good                                           Bad                                           and the Ugly

"2004" Elk Hunt

Every year we put in for some kinda hunt...actually we usually put in for every hunt available. We over the counter archery Deer hunt, as well as winter bear and Mountain Lion. In 2004 we only got drawn for muzzle loader Elk and didnt get a whole lot of time to Mounatin Lion or Bear hunt. Or even archery Deer hunt. But we did do a heck of a lot of Elk hunting. All on horseback. We rode from sun-up to sun-down.
It was cold up in our area. As you can see we have our coveralls on. I think it was about 2pm here in this picture and it was still only like 30*. We rode pretty hard this year. Alot of hills and canyons. We seen Elk every day and chased herds of 20.
Although some of us had horses way over sixteen hands and didnt have a problem seating the saddle, that didn't go the same for the certain "People" who had...well....smaller horses. No names will be mentioned!!!
The days were extremely long and 90% of the day was on horseback, which leads to the amount of supplies that were carried on the horses. We usually left before light and didn't get back to camp before dark, everyday. I think it was more interesting to see who was back in camp already when you arrived. Just because we left together, always seemed as if we didn't get back to camp together.
In the end we didn't go home disappointed. One of our guys got a nice bull, 5x6. Big bull. He got into a chase with this bull while on horseback. Actually shot him off horseback. It wasn't the biggest bull in the herd, yet it sure is a pretty one.

Have any trail Ridin' news, let us know, or if you have any questions about upcoming rides, ask?? We invite anyone to come with us!!!

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