"2022" Hunting Calendar


Fall hunts start September 30, 2022 Arizona Hunting Regulations

You need a guide to take you out, check out Arizona Guided Hunting


You can hunt coyotes all year in Arizona. If you wanna get out and test your marksmanship skills as well as hunting skills, let us know, we are always willing to go hunt some wild dogs!!!

Need someone to take you out and teach you how to get them rascally coyotes, let Arizona Guided Hunting take you out, locations in north and south Arizona!


You have to pay attention to the Arizona Waterfowl Regulations The youth hunt in the mountains is starting October 1, 2022, regular season will be October 7,2022. Everything else down low will be around October 23, 2022!

Arizona can be a tough state to chase ducks and geese in, lucky for you Arizona Guided Hunting has one of the best guides in Southern Arizona!


If you didn't get drawn for deer then get out your bow and check out these dates on page 30 of the Arizona Hunting Regulations. I believe archery season starts on August 19, 2022 and December 9, 2022!

Need a little help, you guessed it, Arizona Guided Hunting can once again help you out!


if you got lucky enough to get a tag let us or Arizona Guided Hunting know and let's go get that big bull or cow you need to fill the freezer! If you didnt get drawn, well there are a lot of OTC units open this year and we can still try to fill that freezer!



It's another year for the Watson Cattle Company Annual Dove Hunters Breakfast! You guessed it, September 1, 2022. Same place, Same time!!! Check out the Arizona Dove regulations for more info and dates!

Arizona Guided Hunting has an awesome guide down in Southern Arizona that can help you get your bag limit!

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