Watson Cattle Company Duck Hunting Page

Duck Hunt'en in Arizona is a lot of fun, if you know where to go.
Well now!!!! it looks like Legend got him a banded mallard.
It's the end of 2008 duck season, and 10 year old Legend desided to take his grandpa duck hunting, and lucked out. Click here to read more about it.
Thats why we are headed for the Arkansas this year.
The following pictures have been sent over to us from Chris Smith, and this is where we will be filming this years Duck Hunt'en.
We are still working on this page, and we have several hundred photo's to go through so be patient.
We are just a bunch of old cowboys, and we cain't type fast you know.
Click here to see what we have so far

While your waiting send some of your photo's and stories and we will try to get them posted on this page.
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