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2013 Dove Hunters Breakfast
We start off with some biscuits and gravy
That is if Bill and Kevin will leave us some.

It sure is good to see Bill come back this year for our Dove Hunters Breakfast.
(It Keeps me from having to eat left overs)

We had a bunch of young'ens with us this year, so pointing them in the right direction was, uh! fun ?

Kevin is one of our best shots, that is next to his son Tyler

Bill take your hands out of your pockets and shoot.
Bill said I could have his shotgun because it kept jamming and he couldn't hit anything, but I think he forgot to leave it with me.

Now I know why Tyler out shot his dad, he was outstanding in his field.

Yea! we even took girls with us. Ashley and Katilyn did pretty good.
Although Cindi almost got knocked on her butt shooting that 12 gauge pump shotgun.
Sammy the retriever kept a close eye on Cindi just in-case she got a bird, or she was just trying to figure out what exactly Cindi was doing, I am not real sure.

More Girls pictures
Ashley, Katilan,and Ashley, I think they are modeling for the camera person, ?
Alisha kicked all their butts with a limit of dove, posing with her 410 shotgun.
Greg did pretty good and so did Jason even though he kept our empty shell collectors busy, during the hunt.

I think the kids shot a lot better than most of us, and Legends pup did awesome for her first season as a retriever. I think it's time to take Teal back.
Chris did a lot better than I did, but of course he's got all them kids shooting for him.

Well the fun has to come to an end and our camera person only got one picture of Mark, half hidden out of the photo there on the left. I guess if I shot that bad I would hide too.
Once again I want to say thanks to all of you that came for breakfast and it sure was nice to see Bill Sammons Again.

My favorite part, Watching everybody else teach the kids how to clean dove.

Well that's all this page can handle, so if you want to see more photo's of our 2013 Dove Hunters Breakfast, email us and we can send them to you.
Just incase you was wondering why the photos have a time stamp that is incorrect, that's because it was, the actual date is 09/01/2013. Sorry bad camera person and I don't know how to fix it.
Other wise go to our up-coming hunt page and see where we are going to be hunting.