"2006" Dove Hunter's Breakfast

Well!!!! We had fun, but there were no dove on this hunt.

We had folks from Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix, Glendale, Anthom, Chandler, Peoria, Mesa, Gilbert, and they even came from Tucson and Show Low Arizona and as far as New Mexico and Colorado this year, and there was not as many dove. We scouted from Sunday the 27th of August to Thursday August 31st and seen Dove every where, but we had a storm blow through here on Thursday evening and on opening morning the dove were no where to be found. Atleast not like we are used to. There was a few of the folks that limited out but they had to work for them. So we decided to go into the Clay Pigeon shoot early. We started slinging clay pigeon at 07:30 and the fun began, we started with the 0-12 year olds and its a good thing we broke them off from the other groups of shooters because I think they would not have let anybody take any of the prizes.

The Top four 0-12 year old shooters this year.

Camaron Glass                                                  Legend Watson                                                               Jacob Bradley
I sure would not want to shoot against these four young lads in the future.

And then we had the 13-18 year old young bucks, that wanted to compete against the old guys, because of the prizes!, and they knew they could whoop their butts, and take all the prizes home.

Alex Murrufo                                                        Cody W                                                                     Joshua Benson

The O'O'O'O'O'Old Timer's.

Chris Watson                                                      JT Tucker                                                                Mark Murrufo
Yep!!! They cheated.
Chip Stalkfleet                                                      Winner's 2006 Clay Pigeon shoot

The rest of all the nice folk's that came to visit us at Watson Cattle Company.

We want to Thank Discount Tire for bringing all the cool drink Koozies and Air presure guages for every body and we would like to Thank Fred Ferro for the really cool knife he gave away as a prize to one of the winners of the 0-12 group of kids.
And a SUPER special Thanks to our staff and friends who jumped in to help out.

Sure Hope you folk's had fun and we'll see you next year, same day same time. Maybe???? it all depends on the housing boom.

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  2005 Dove Hunters Breakfast