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2006 Cow Elk Hunti'n page
Well !!!!
The Boy's had fun and got their elk this year.
So we decided to build a page just for them, and post a few photo's for your enjoyment.

It all started out with the weather dropping to -01 degrees at night and climbing to a whopping +12 degrees during the heat of the day.

As you can see in the photo's above, the bottom of the coffee pot that was turned up-side down was busted from the cold weather and it looks like Chris is to cold to even come out of the fine living quarters we sent up for their convenience.
And what is that a pipe? Chris!!! for a guy whom rags on all the cowboys about their chaw'en and smok'in, I do declare I see some tabaccy in that there pipe.

Well lets get on to the story.
"As it was told" anyway.

Our cowboy's started out scout'in the area, and put pert near 300 miles on them scooter things.
Well I think ? they're our cowboys ?
I don't see a single cowboy hat, and I don't see no horses ?

They seen a bunch of deer.

And Chris even found a Bull Elk to play with.

Yes!!! as you can see the Bull elk was not dead or wounded as Chris originally thought?
The Bull was asleep, under that nice shady tree, and when Chris woke him up !!!! the Elk decided to teach him a lesson about sneaking up on a napping critter.
Well!!! our brave camera man whom was 50 feet away went screaming like a little girl and dropped his camera, so we did'nt get to show you how Chris can run like a tri-athalon, on a 50 yard sprint.
"Storm'n Norman said" He was going to put a saddle on that Bull for Chris, but the seat off his scooter would'nt fit.
I do believe though from the stories we were told, Ol' Norm was the first one back to the scooters. "He must have been sizing that seat up for the fit. Huh.

Well with all the excitement of the petting zoo gone, our brave cowboy's decided to do some exploring.
They found these old line shacks and corrals a long their trails, so we thought you might like to see them.

Due to the internet and the folks whom are still on dial up, the size of this page, and the speed of which it may open, We decided to create a second page so it won't take so long to see all the pictures.
So click on the second page link below, if your not board yet.

Trail to the second page of the 2006 Cow elk hunt " CLICK HERE"

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