Watson Cattle Company saves the day for a Bull Elk

While we were out checking the fields of Alfalfa and wheat for ducks, geese and coyotes, we ran across this Bull Elk tangled up in the electric fence that was put up so that the elk would not get in and damage the crops. Well from the looks of things it didn't work. Somebody turned off the power and this big bull decided he would wrassel a hole in the fence for some grub.
Well two of the bravest men in the bunch didn't even hesitate to jump in and cut that bull loose. Now seeings there was only three of us there, I chose to take some photo's for you folks to see just how brave these two boys were rescuing this elk. I want you to know one thing though, just because I had my 300 MM lens and stayed 200 yards away while they was cutting him out, don't really mean I am a chicken!!! No, that just means my camera lens is to big to get that close, no matter what that (City Slicker Dude) said when I beat them back to the truck.
Any way here is some picture's of that rescue.
Old Wes Starr jumped in to help Chris when the Bull started to get a little rambunctious and tried to gore Chris.
Now just because Wes has been farming, ranching and hunting for the last (58) Thats FIFTY EIGHT years don't mean he aint a city slicker, exspecialy when he didn't grab the camera first, and he called me scaredy pants. Now that just ain't right.
The End of our story is the elk was released, and I survived, and the City slicker went back to California. Oh, and we talked him into moving out here to live in Gods country with his favorite nephew. (Me)
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