"2013" Hunting Calendar



August bear is just about over, but October will be here soon enough. We have some dogs that would love to catch you some bear thanks to Orion Guide Service. We can hunt on foot, quad, horse or truck. We do a little of everything most the time! If you wanna go try and get yourself a bear or lion let us know and we will get you hooked up!!

Bear Hunts:

Archery bear is open in several units right now from August 24, 2013 until September 13, 2013.

October 5, 2013

Units: 1,2a,2b,2c,3b,3c,4b,5b,6a,7,8,9,10,18a,19b,17A,17B,18B,20A,20B,19a,21,22 north,22 south, 23 north,24a,27,28,29,30a,31 and 32

Units may close before the date shown in the regs so be sure to call the bear hotline before you hunt an open unit!! 1-800-970-2327


You can hunt coyotes all year in Arizona. If you wanna get out and test your marksmanship skills as well as hunting skills, let us know, we are always willing to go hunt some wild dogs!!!


October is busy and we are trying to get some old fashioned duck hunt'in in Maricopa done so let us know what days you're free for some pond jump'en excitement. Our friend Chris in Arkansas will probably get us out there this year, so if you want to tag along on a exciting Arkansas duck hunt? email us for pricing and availabillity of rooms.


Four of us got drawn for Deer in 24a. We will be hunting from November 1, 2013 to Novemeber 6, 2013. We have a couple kids hunting this year so lots of fun.


This year we have some Cow and Bull Elk hunts up in Unit 3b..... Orion Guide Service is located in that area and knows the area like no ones business! If you have a hunt up in the white mountains and need some help let us know and we will hook you up with these guys!!!


As always we'll have the Annual Watson Cattle company "Dove Hunters Breakfast" for all you folk's that sign up before August 29th. Breakfast is served at 04:00 this year so we will have time to get every body out the gates by 04:45 and out to the field by sun rise. So make sure you sign up, and come out for biscuits and gravy.