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Watson Cattle Companies page two of the
2006 Cow elk hunt in Arizona
Well you made it to page two, where the old man decide's to leave the two young buck's and go set at the water hole.
(Where he secretly knows the elk come in every night for water)

You seen it right the old man gets his elk, while sitting at the pond in complete camo, and as alert as a young cougar.
I had a short interveiw with the old man just before he fell asleep (I mean) before he got started butchering his cow elk, and he told me his side of the story.
(old man) "I was sitting under this nice shady tree (sleeping) I mean scouting the area, when I heard something. (I woke up) I mean I looked up and there she was. I took careful aim and shot 26 times, (I meant once) and she went down. I went over gutted her out and threw her over my shoulder and carried her 12 miles back to camp.

There is a few conflicting photo's to how the old man got the elk back to camp that I will not post, due to I need my paycheck signed. But you get the ideal.

As the saga continues, "our two young Cowboys" still have not seen any cow elk and have began to wonder if their scouting on scooters should be abandoned.
Well with this thought in mind, a lil food and a lot of smoke could bring a different thought or ideal.


It could be as easy as picking up some mounts from the White Mountain remuda, one of the Cowboys suggested.
Well seeing that the camera man was on his way back to the ranch with his elk, and there wasn't anybody to cook for them, or protect them from the boogie man, Chris and Norm took off.
Arriving up at the White Mountain bunk house some time around noon, they loaded up three mountain broncs and headed back to elk camp.
Well that only lasted as far as Snowflake when they had to return to the ranch to swap out trailers due to a busted axle on the 4 horse slant.
Well now!!! "as a story teller I would say" they were loaded for bear towing that 6 horse straight.
When they arrived back at Elk camp, they decided to move camp, due to the 6 horse was unable to make it back in as far as the first camp site was set, so they had to set up camp site #2. That being the case they had to move camp site #1, which took until 2:00 AM.
Well with the Camera man/camp cook (Alias Old Fart) gone back to the headquarters in Maricopa to start butchering his cow elk, that left the to young bucks to ride, and scout the area with out any photo's to show you folks.
That being the case, we won't say or hint, that just maybe, those horses had something to do with our two brave cowboy's stumbling into an area that had more elk than they could originally find on them scooter contraptions.
Thus bringing us to the following photo's due to we sent back a secret camera man/spy to keep an eye on and give a little helping hand, "you might say" to our two favorite elk hunting cowboys.
(who just might give some of them elk steaks to us old story tellers)
Although the Old man carried his elk 12 miles to camp over his shoulder, it appears the two young cowboys were a tad bit smarter.

Well with all the excitement done and the elk back to camp and packaged up ready for transport, our young cowboys with the help of our secret camera man's lens assisted a couple of friendly hunters in transporting their elk out of the field.
We want you all to meet Pete and Wally from the Phoenix area.
Here is a couple of photo's of the two young men and the elk wally got up there this year.

Well I sure do hope you all enjoyed our photo's and stories (as the story was told to us any way) and hope you can join us next year.

(If you do? maybe we can get the real stories.)

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